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Pumps of type D

Насос центробежный Д

    Centrifugal type pumps with double entry of Type D and pump units based on them are designed for pumping of water and liquids having properties in viscosity and chemical reactivity similar to water, with temperatures up to 85 C °, with a content of solid inclusions not exceeding 0.05% by weight, with their maximum size of 0.2 mm, with microhardness not more than 6.5 MPa (650 kgf / mm²).

    Pumps are manufactured in a climatic category of a moderately cold climate – they are designed for macroclimatic regions with temperate and cold climates, placement category 4 – operation in rooms (volumes) with artificially controlled climate conditions, in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

    The pumps are referred to goods of specific purpose of Type I (restorable) in conformity to GOST27.003.

    Pumps are made within the frames of general industrial design and are not intended for use in potentially explosive and fire hazardous industries in accordance with the “Rules for Electrical Installation” (REI).

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    entry of Type D