Насосы типа ЦНС

Flow rate from 63 to 240 cubic meters / h.

Head from 1050 to 1900 m.

Centrifugal sectional pumps of the CNS type and pumping units, depending on the design, are designed to inject clean and aggressive oil-field (hydrogen sulfide-containing) water into the oil-bearing formations to maintain the deposit pressure during oil production.

The temperature of the pumped water:

0 - 45ºС - for clear waters;

0 - 80ºС - for aggressive (hydrogen sulfide).

CNS pumps are horizontal centrifugal single-body pumps of sectional type with one-sided wheel arrangement, which consist of stator and rotor parts and are equipped with sliding bearings, automatic force balancing wheel (hydraulic) and end shaft seals (end or gland type).

The electropump assembly consists of a pump of the type CNS, an electric motor mounted on a common frame and connected by a coupling. The pumps are driven by synchronous motors of the STD series with an open or closed ventilation cycle, as well as 4ARM electric motors or 4АЗМ.

Pumps of the type of central nervous system and units are manufactured in a common industrial design in accordance with the "Rules for electrical installations". Climatic modification of UHL, category of installation 4 in accordance with GOST 15150.

Scope of supply:

  • CNS pump assembled on common frame (with coupling, filter at pump inlet, bearing temperature sensors, axial shift sensor, counter flanges and piping within the pump limits);
  • Spare parts;
  • Tools and accessories;
  • Electric motor;
  • Common frame;
  • Lube system;
  • Integrated automation equipment.
Насосы типа ЦНС