Насосы типа НСШ

Сentrifugal Sectional Mine Pumps of NSSh type

Flow 410/500 cubic meter / h.

Head 182/990 m.

Mine-sectional sectional pumps of the NSSh 410 and NSSh 500 type, as well as pumping units, are designed for pumping low-reactive and neutral low-contaminated liquids at mine drainage installations with inflows of 250-410 m3 / h and 350-500 m3 / h and with a geometric height of water lift, corresponding to the head in nominal mode.

NSSh pumps - centrifugal horizontal sectional single-body pumps, with one-sided arrangement of impellers, with a balancing wheel of a rotor and driven by an electric motor through a coupling.

The temperature of the pumped water is 0 - 45ºС.

Execution of a flowing part of the pump - steel GX20Cr14.

* The flow through part of the NSSh 500-273U pump is made of carbon steel.

NSSh pumps are used in water-drainage installations of iron ore and coal mines, in enterprises of the oil-producing and oil-refining industry, in feedwater supply installations, etc.

Scope of supply:

  • NSSh pump with clutch;

  • Spare parts;

  • set of tools and accessories.

* The scope of supply of the pump NSSHD 410-910 includes 2 couplings.

Насосы типа НСШ