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A batch of pumps СЭ 800-100-11-С for heating networks of Kiev.

The СЭ 800-100-11-С pump and a unit based on it are intended for pumping water in heating networks.

“Sumska Nasosna Tekhnika” LLC manufactured and supplied a feeding pump ПЭ 580-185-5-Т for one of the thermal power plants in the Far East region.

The ПЭ 580-185-5 pump is intended for feeding medium and high pressure steam generators with feed water.

“Sumska Nasosna Tekhnika” LLC is exploring new continents.

"Sumska Nasosna Tekhnika" LLC has successfully manufactured and shipped the next batch of electric pump units АКс 80-155-2-Т3. The units are manufactured in a tropical design and delivered to a thermal power plant in Algeria. The Кс 80-155-2-С pump and an electric pump unit based on it are designed for pumping condensate in steam-water networks …

Water ring vacuum pump ВВН2-300

"Sumska Nasosna Tekhnika" LLC has successfully manufactured and delivered the modernized water ring pump ВВН2-300, the pump was shipped to the largest metallurgical plant in Ukraine. The ВВН2-300 pump is designed for pumping out and compressing air, vapors, steam-gas mixtures, inert or corrosive gases insoluble in water.

“Sumska Nasosna Tekhnika” LLC expands the range of pumping equipment.

The enterprise "Sumska Nasosna Tekhnika" LLC mastered, successfully modernized, manufactured and delivered to the customer a single-case sectional pump ЦНС 240-1900-3-Т-М manufactured in a wear-resistant design with built-in bearings that operate on the pumped medium. Centrifugal sectional pumps of the ЦНС type, depending on the version, are intended for pumping clean and/or aggressive petroleum layers …