of type AVZ

AVZ 125D pumps and electric pump units based on them are designed for suction of the air, inert gases, vapors and steam-gas mixtures (hereinafter accordingly to the text of media), preliminarily purified from condensed moisture, mechanical impurities from the sealed vacuum systems in stationary installations in industrial buildings.

The unit is not designed for pumping of media: explosive, toxic, reactive with lubricating oils and corrosive ferrous metals, as well as for pumping of fluid from one container to another.

The unit is manufactured in a climatic category of a moderately cold climate, placement categories 4.2 in conformity to GOST 15150-69 for exploitation in fireproof and explosion-proof areas under atmospheric pressure of the environment, at a temperature of pumped media and the environment from 283 to 308 K (from plus 10 to plus 35° C).

Pump models Fast action, l/s Permissible pressure steam, kPa Limiting residual pressure, kPa Rotation speed, rpm Nominal motor power, kW Weight
complete without gazobalasta complete with gazobalastom pump, kg Pump+ motor, kg
AVZ 125D 125 3,3 (25) 6,7•10-6 (5•10-5) 6,7•10-4 (5•10-3) 1500 15 820 920