of type PE

PE 720-185

Centrifugal feed pumps PE 720-185 are designed to supply water to stationary steam boilers, with absolute vapor pressure up to 6.2 MPa (63 kgf / cm²). Feed water should have pH 7-9,2, the temperature not more than 438K (165 °C) and should not contain solid particles.

Pumps are manufactured in a climatic category of a moderately cold climate – they are designed for macroclimatic regions with temperate and cold climates, placement category 4 – operation in rooms (volumes) with conditioned environment.

Pump name Specifications Motor power kW Pumping unit weight, kg
Flow rate, m3/h Head, m Shaft rotation speed, rpm NPSH, m Efficiency %
PE 720-185-С 720 2030 3000 9 82 5000 23660
PE 720-185-Т 720 2030 3000 9 82 5000 23660