of type D

Centrifugal pump with double entry D6300-27-3-1 are designed for pumping of water and liquids having properties in viscosity and chemical reactivity similar to water, with temperatures up to 85 C °, with a content of solid inclusions not exceeding 0.05% by weight, with their maximum size of 0.2 mm, with microhardness not more than 6.5 MPa (650 kgf / mm²).

Pumps are manufactured in a climatic category of a moderately cold climate – they are designed for macroclimatic regions with temperate and cold climates, placement category 4 – operation in rooms (volumes) with artificially controlled climate conditions, in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

Parameters Nominal motor power,
Capacity, m3/h Head, m Rotation
speed, rpm
NPSH required,
Efficiency, % pump, kg unit, kg
D 6300-27-3-1 5000 32 750 6,5 86 630 4600 8400
D 6300-27-3-1 4000 20 600 5 86 315 4600 7600